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Prisma App Download

Prisma App: If you always wondered if it were ever possible for the lay person to recreate the work of a painter whose work is so intricate and personal, you have your answers now!

With the latest Prisma app, you are all set to recreate a painter’s work and have your own, personal Picasso in your pocket.

Prisma is a new photo app that is currently available on iOS devices and transforms your photos into art. “Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world- famous ornaments and patterns,” the company writes on its website. The app uses “a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.”

With the help of a blend of neural networks and artificial intelligence, the end results created with Prisma are a sight to behold. Just a plain filter is not applied by the app over your selected image but Prisma actually scans the data to apply the style in an impressive and appealing manner.

You can use this app by

Well, this is an extremely addictive application and you can keep on playing with the different filters and apply to them different pictures.

The Prisma app was created and developed by a Russian company.

The developer literally had to double the app’s server capacity to accommodate demand less than a week after its launch in June. Prisma has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times since its launch date on June 11, Moiseyenkov told the TechCrunch. Not just that, for weeks on end, it has remained on the top spot in app stores in at least six countries including Russia, and several former Soviet states such as Ukraine and Estonia.

The latest app is now available in the Apple App Store. However, Android users will have to wait. Prisma has confirmed that the app for Android is currently in development and will be available this month latest. Hold tight you Android users!

Prisma App Download For IOS, Android
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How to Use Prisma?

Users simply upload their photo to the Prisma app similar to VSCO. Once they are done uploading, they select a filter that works best for them. The exception here is that rather than just applying subtle changes to the photo, the app turns the pictures into art, drawing inspiration from famous works like “Go for Baroque” by Roy Lichtenstein.

Prisma Features:

Here’s how the app works and how to use it yourself:

  • You can take a photo in real-time when you open the app.
  • Once you take the photo, you can choose from one of 33 filters. You can then swipe to the right or left to change the intensity of the filter applied.
  • The app uses deep learning, or an artificial neural network composed of many layers, to transform the photo into a work of art. (In reality, the photo goes through three layers, each of which is programmed to perform a different task. The photo is essentially analyzed by those layers and the changes to have it match the style of art you chose are then figured out.)
  • The app will then pop out an entirely new photo that looks like a work of art!
  • You can take a photo in real-time through the app, but you can also pull one from your library like we did here.
  • We used the Ghots filter.
  • The app is currently available in 25 countries and is getting around 300,000 downloads across 10 of those markets per day.(Here we used the the Follow Me To filter to change a beach shot into an electric, purple masterpiece).
  • You will be allowed to apply artistic filters to gifs which is an upcoming feature that Prisma would be adding soon. This feature is slated for a July roll out.
  • Some filters work better on photos of landscapes than ones of a lot of people. You’ll get the hang of it after playing around!

Prisma Sample

Tech entrepreneur Alexei Moiseyenkov wrote on Facebook, “It looks like we’ve taken Russia.” This caption came in right after Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev downloaded and used his newly developed app. The PM reworked a photo of a Moscow skyscraper with Prisma.

Medvedev was not the only exception to the huge celebrity line up of Prisma users: from editor-in- chied of liberal radio station Ekho Moskvy Alexei Venediktov to supermodels Irina Shayk and Natalya Vodianova. If you live in Russia and haven’t yet installed the photo-makeover app Prisma, you’re either a luddite, a contrarian, or you don’t have an iPhone.

The concept of Prisma is simple. As soon as it is installed, it lets users to modify their photographs in renowned artists’ styles such as Marc Chagall, or after popular paintings such as Edward Munch’s The Scream or the abstract Transverse Line by Vasily Kandinsky. The app takes a push of a button to share the result to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook once the image is reworked.

Prisma can easily be dismissed as the latest gimmick for photo and selfie addicts tapping into the success of platforms like Instagram which recently hit half a billion monthly users. Of course, Russia has plenty of such selfie addicts.

Russia is quite a stranger to Prisma’s unusual lightning success. Head of Russian lender Sberbank German Gref has famously warned Russia was at risk of “technical subjugation” after falling behind the times. And earlier this month, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, MIT professor Loren Graham summarized Russia’s problem in this way: great at invention but terrible at innovation, or using the science to develop a product that can be put to use.

Graham put the problem down to the absence of an economic climate that encourages commercializing science. “You want the milk without the cow!” he famously said. Prisma now seems to buck that trend.

Founder Moiseyenkov has openly admitted that the technology it uses is not new and is inspired by existing services.

Although he has not mentioned any names, a German-based project named DeepArt which was launched months before Prisma was one such initiative.

However, Deep Art and other similar previous offers have not even come close to Prisma’s success. Nossik cited the reason behind to The Moscow Times and it can be summarised in two words: user friendliness and speed.

Moiseyenkov was the first to successfully commercialise the technology by capitalising on existing social media behaviour and mobile trends. Also, photos are repainted within a matter of seconds making it the fastest such service available currently. Moving the processing to a cloud on external servers instead of users’ phones themselves has made that possible.

By simplifying the technology, Prisma has tapped into a market of billions of app users. “Whoever captures demand,” says Nossik, “can become a billionaire.”

One more reason for Prisma’s viral popularity is due to its user vase which has become an unpaid advertising army.

Though the Prisma hashtag is option while sharing a photo to social media, fans still use the hashtag to draw attention to their individual works of art. The #prisma hashtag on Instagram was approaching 500,000 results.

So what do you have to lose? It’s a free download from the App Store — go ahead and try it!

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